Glavin Comp

By reeselite

April 20, 2008

Category: Daily Bite


Glavin Comp

The game was awesome. I shall share just a few of the lessons I learned on my first photo shoot….

As adapted from my email with my Texas business partner….

(See? I told you it would end up here)

Don’t wear slippery flip flops to a ball park. No one cares if you got a pedicure the other day and that you are sporting a particularly nifty shade of pink on your toesies. You will only wind up teeter-tottering while moving between bleachers. It won’t be pretty.

Don’t let your entourage (husband and kids) visit the creepy ice cream truck that keeps circling the parking lot. You will eat what’s left of your kid’s chocolate cone and spend the rest of the game trying to hide the chocolate stain on your shirt with your camera strap.

Don’t leave home without sunscreen. Enough said.

Ditto for sunglasses.

Oh! A new one…..

Don’t show up with one memory card. You just might find yourself with the bases loaded in a tie game after the second out, reading the “Card Full” message on your lcd.



2 Responses to “Glavin Comp”

  1. The first thing I did with my new camera was to buy the high speed 2GB flash card. Works great and I don’t run out of space.

  2. Ordered two on Wednesday. Should be here today. You will know because I am sure I will see you down the street tonight….Yes?


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