Beach Bound

By reeselite

July 26, 2008

Category: Daily Bite

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Bags are packed.  We leave in the morning!

One week.  Sand.  Fun.  Sunscreen.

Just me, Russ, the boys….and about 20 of my (lovely) inlaws.  

Just kidding.  Only 15 are really going.  🙂

This has been our yearly summer vacation/reunion for the past several years and we love it.  There is nothing like having tons of cousins for your kids to play with so that you can hide behind a beach umbrella for an hour or two and actually get to read a book.

I hear from my friends that are already vacationing that we will have to contend with the jellyfish again.

Here is to hoping that Ryan avoids them this time.

Everyone is bringing their white shirts and khaki’s in hopes that I will be able to take some family portraits on the beach.

My lenses are all packed and my special “camera cooler” is all ready to go!

With good weather, I figure we will have at least five sunsets to get it right, and maybe two or three early mornings.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and a protective towel around my camera!

Happy Week!






One Response to “Beach Bound”

  1. Hi Teresa,

    Wahhh, I want to come too! LOL

    Hope to see some great pics from your vacation after you get back!


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