By reeselite

April 1, 2008

Category: Daily Bite, Life


An email sent to me by my former next door neighbor.

If you want something to make you thankful to be an American, I pray this does it.


FOR THE FEW WHO DON’T KNOW: Red Skelton was a movie star and comedian on television back in the 1950s. He created a number of characters, and
his show was watched by millions..

4 Responses to “Proud”

  1. That was cool. Wonder why he took out the “under God” part?

  2. I wondered that too….then I went back and rewatched it. When the teacher told him the story, it was before they added the Under God part to it.

    Later on he says something to the effect of, “and later on two more states were added as were also two words, under God”

    It wasn’t in the original pledge and the movement to add the words didn’t start until 1952.

    Crazy….I thought it was always a part of the pledge!

  3. wow, I totally did not watch the whole thing. oops.

  4. Lol! Caught ya.

    Next time there will be a pop quiz.


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